Amazon Alexa Skills

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Our best in-class ML-Powered Chatbot AI is interfaced through Smart Speakers (Google Home, Amazon Echo Series). SmartixAI helps your organization Connect/Interface with customers through “Amazon Alexa Skills” & “Google Home Actions” Apps using our revolutionary next-generation AI.Simply Download/Install our Chatbot AI on a Amazon Echo Series Smart Speaker and ship it to your customer as a Gift or a Promo Offer – From here onwards, SmartixAI will then help your organization perform routine Customer Service Activities through Alexa or Google Assistant: Pay Bills, Extend Service Contracts, Give useful advice, Ask Customer Service/Billing Questions and a whole lot more.This next-generation approach enhances automation and reduces operational costs for your organization with our revolutionary AI.Give us a Trial Spin and get ahead of your competition serif;”>Establish Contact with us to experience AI-Driven Operational Efficiency like NEVER BEFORE!