Product Feature Matrix

Core Features

With 360-degree AI-driven Analysis of Social Insight & Brand/Product Perception, The ViralSalesAI platform propels your Sales Organization to a whole new level like NEVER BEFORE.

Sentiment Analysis

Our unrivaled bleeding edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) uncovers the sentiments behind social media content and gives you deep insight into how your Brand/Product is being perceived.

Competitive Analysis

ViralSalesAI provides deeper insights about competitor behavior and perception and lets you build strategies that will help you exceed their strengths.

Trend Analysis

ViralSalesAI provides Hard-core analytics about what truly matters to your customers and lets you know how and when to react to stay ahead of the competition.

Campaign Analysis

With ViralSalesAI’s state-of-the-art AI, your organization gets to boost campaign performance through AI-powered analysis.

Historical Analysis

ViralSalesAI bleeding edge Machine Learning (ML) algorithms provides your organization with in-depth analysis of what worked.

Audience Analysis

ViralSalesAI helps your Sales Organization gain better understanding of your target audience, enabling you to optimize your marketing